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12 of the Most Attractive Embossed Business Cards

Embossed Business Cards Design Ideas

Embossing on business cards adds a subtle and premium design element. Since you are not adding printed graphics or text, it keeps the design of the business card clutter free.

The 2 Types of Embossing

Embossing is when you raise the card to create text or graphics, and there are 2 types of embossed business cards:

  • Blind embossing is when you raise the card and leave it as it is (you don’t add any ink or color to the embossed area). Most of the business cards shown below are blind embossed.
  • Foil embossing is when you add a special foil over the custom embossed area to give it a different color. You can get special metallic foils like gold and silver.

Going DIY

Whenever you add an element to your business card, whether that be printing double sided or having your card embossed, you raise the costs of having it made.

A simple way of adding embossed graphics or text to your business card design is to have a custom hand embosser made, then you’ll be able to add your own embossing to your cards. Check out my DIY post (6 Super Easy Ways to Create Handmade DIY Business Cards) to see how it’s done.

Here is a collection of the best embossed business card designs:

Atelier Black Embossed Business Card Design

Atelier by Joe White

Janine Blind Embossed Business Cards

Blind embossed wings by Badcass

NLS Embossing

High quality embossing by Badcass

Fox Yard Embossed Business Cards

Epic embossing – Fox Yard by Jukebox Print

Lord Fern Brewery Embossing

Another epic embossing by Jukebox Print – Lord Fern Brewery

Inkster Maken Minimalist Embossed Business Card

Minimalist embossed business card designed by The Hungry Workshop

Blind Embossed Bar Lane Studios

Minimalist pure white, blind embossed by Jamie Hutchinson

Blind Embossed Accountants

Steffler Accountants blind embossed pattern by Workhorse Printmakers

Hand Embossed Black Business Cards

Hand embossed black business cards for The Flightless Design Group by Caspian Ievers

Breif Business Card Stationary

Brief‘s hand embossed business cards

White Blind Embossed Business Cards

Philip Attar’s minimalist business cards – printing by Terrapin Stationers

Cement Embossed Business Cards

Murmure made their own cement business cards

There is also the option of going the debossing route – when you make an indent into the card. Here are a few examples of debossed business cards:

Debossed Business Cards

Debossed Business Cards

Kate Roxs debossed business cards by Pajka

Have a look at my Letterpress Business Cards post [coming soon] for more premium design ideas.

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