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A Quick .Com Guide: How To Register and Buy a Domain Name

How To Register and Buy A Domain Name

To set up your own blog or website, you are going to need 2 things. You will need to register and buy a domain name which will be your address online. And you will also need a hosting account which is where all of the files for your blog or website are stored and sent from to people to view on their web browsers.

Domain Name Availability – How To Find Out if a Name is Available

The easiest way I’ve found to search and check a domain name to see if it is available, is to first go to Just by entering your name into the domain name search, you’ll be able to lookup if it is available as a .com or even a .net, .org, or .co.

If the name you want is not available, what I usually do is tweak a word in the name to something similar. If I couldn’t get Ministry of Canvas, I would try Department of Canvas, Chambers of Canvas, etc. Or try adding a word onto the end of your name idea: Ministry of Canvas Inc, Ministry of Urban Canvas.

Register: How to Purchase A Domain Name

Once you have an available name, the next step is to register the domain name. To do this head on over to Bluehost.

Bluehost will give you a free domain name when you sign up with their hosting – which you will need to store the files for your website or blog. When you sign up with Bluehost, they will also install WordPress onto your domain name if you want it.

When you get to the Bluehost site, select the starter plan on the left.

How To Buy a Domain Name

Then enter your domain name in the new domain box.

How To Buy a Domain Name

When it comes to the plans on Bluehost, you have a choice of buying hosting for 12, 24 or 36 months. The longer you go for, the cheaper it is month by month. This will all be paid upfront to help save you money. But you are not locked in as Bluehost will refund you for the months you don’t use, if you ever decide to cancel.

Once you have signed up with Bluehost you will now have bought your own domain, and a domain name hosting account where you can set up your website.

If you need help setting up WordPress onto your blog or website, you can follow along with my simple guide here.

How To Create Photography Name Ideas for Your Business or Blog

How To Create Photography Name Ideas for Your Business or Blog

In this post I’ll go over quick tips on how to come up with creative photography name ideas – whether it be for your photography business or blog.

Step 1. Write A Paragraph About Your New Business

The first step in coming up with a good photography name is to really define the business/blog/personal brand you want to start – by writing a paragraph about it. Be as specific as you can – to do this just keep asking your self different why/what/when/how/where/who questions like this:

What sort of photography business do you want to start? Will it be about a certain type of photography (action, adventure, black and white, street, studio, travel etc.). Try and get more specific (street photography in London, adventure and travel photography).

If you are starting a photography business, why are you starting it? “I want to help couples remember their special day”, “I want to photograph real estate to help the owners sell it”

If you are starting a blog, why are you starting it? Is it to showcase your work, showcase a place, or help people learn photography?

If you want to help people learn photography, what areas do you want to help them with? Is it the creative side, the technical, help in the studio, lighting, traveling and photography, doing street photography, or is it something else.

If you want to showcase your work, why? Is it to get work, is it to sell your photographs?

Who/What do you want to photography, why?

Where will you be photographing? When?

How will you be photographing? Will it be with Canons, the highest range cameras, action cameras, in a studio, or with natural lighting.

A good way of getting specific about your photography business is to keep asking why. “I want to teach people how to photograph” why?  “I love the creative side of photography and want to show creative ways to use a camera.”

Here is my paragraph defining my new photography blog:

“I want to start a street photography blog. I’ll be going around my city, of Berlin, showing people how to do street photography – what’s the best equipment to use, what to look for in shots, and how to get creative with your surroundings. I’ll also be highlighting special places around town (markets, parks) for anyone who is planning on visiting Berlin.”

Step 2. The Next Step – A List of Words

To create some photography name ideas, we are going to need to build 2 lists of words. One list is going to be the words and phrases specific to your photography venture – so for me that would be words like Berlin and street.

The second list is going to be general words relating to photography. I have create a long list of these words for you to use below.

The First List – Getting Specific

From the paragraph describing your photography business or blog you should be able to pull out words/phrase/themes that describe it.

For me, using the paragraph from above, my list of words would include:

  • Street photography
  • City
  • Berlin
  • Equipment
  • Creative
  • Surroundings
  • Markets

Now you want to brainstorm more words that are specific to your business/blog. You can use the thesaurus, or enter words into Pinterest and see what words come to mind while looking at the images.

Here are some more words I can add to my list:

Street: pavement, roadsides, maps, traffic lights, markets, alley, concrete jungle

City: skyscraper, cops, subway, buses, parks, tycoons, people

On my huge guide on how to name a blog, I go through creative exercises you can do to build out your word list – check it out if you are having any trouble coming up a list of words.

The Second List – General Photography Words

Here is a list of words that relate to photography that you can use:





Camera bag







Close up


















High definition

Slide show










Light leak

Lens flare



Black and white




Hand held








Time lapse



Light meter



















Step 3. Time To Brainstorm – Mix and Match

Now it’s time to mix and match words from both lists to create name ideas. Pick out memorable words that paint a picture in your mind. In the 30 Available Photography Name Ideas section below, you can see how I’ve mixed and matched photography words to create business name ideas.

Have a look at my naming post if you want to see a checklist of what makes a good name, it will also show you how to check if your name is available as a .com, and what to do if it is not.

If you have come up with a photography company name, then you can head over to my next post which will show you how to register your name as a .com and set up your photography website: How To Make a Photography Website.

If you don’t have a business or blog name yet, then check out the 30 available names below.

30 Available Photography Name Ideas

30 Available Photography Business Name Ideas

Photographer ID

Beauty and the Photographer

Zoom Zoom Click

Street Click Studios

Adventure Click Studios

Caption Studios

Street Captions

Adventure Captions

Wedding Captions

Black and White Captions

Studio Captions

“I Do” Captions

“I Do” Camera Bag

Color Street Snappers

Seeing in Black and White

Darkroom Journal

The Darkroom Door

My Home Town Snaps

Photographer Couture

Heart and Shutter

Heart and Pixels

Street Signs and Pixels

Street Signs and Camera

Planes and Pixels

Your Name‘s Pixel Studios

Spoons of Pixels

Camera Bag Darkroom

Maps and Snaps

Wonderlust Snappers

The Blue Camera Bag

Step 4. Getting Your Name Registered As a .com

The 30 photography domain name ideas above are available as .coms. If you want to use one, then follow along with my guide here (How To Make a Photography Website) and I’ll show you how to register the name as a .com and get you set up with a photography website.

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